Friday, June 15, 2012

Challenge Day 17

It's Day 17 of my 31 Day Challenge.  I was really hoping to get an early start today.  This morning, as I was looking around the house, I was faced with a decision.  Go down stairs and start quilting right away and clean the house later or clean the house now and then go down and quilt....knowing me, I knew if I went downstairs I would get some good hours of quilting in and get so into it that the house would have been cleaned the house up pretty good and then started quilting.  There's nothing worse than coming up stairs, after a couple of hours of quilting, to a messy house! I made a good choice.

I did get some quilting in and then was surprised by a phone call from my friend Pam who said she was taking me and Toby to lunch, her treat.  We had Thai and it was yummy and just what I needed, I nice little break.   Thanks Pam!  I cherish our friendship!

I wanted to share a tip with you about those dark pesty threads that seem to find themselves trapped under fabric.

Do you see the one above.  A while ago I shared a tip on how I remove these pesty threads.   I love it when others share tips and so I wanted to share one of my tips today.

I was really hoping to get this quilt done today....but it didn't happen.  That's okay, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and definitely an earlier start!  It's Saturday and the kids can clean the house tomorrow!! ;o)

...also, I'm feeling a little anxious...I was counting down actual quilting days until my challenge is over and I'm not sure I'm going to make it.  I've got some commitments this next week and I'm going to be loosing a couple of quilting day's.  I'll just keep at it and see how it go's.

...and I'm REALLY missing, piecing and playing with my ruler, but I came across Leslie's quilt she posted today, using the ruler and there has been some great new Urban Nine Patch's posted on the Flikr Group, you should go check them out and let them know what you think, they would love that and so thanks to these great quilts, I've got my little ruler fix in, even if they're not my own, it's just as fun and exciting for me!!
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Dawn said...

LOL! Thanks to you, Jenny, I will never look at one of those dark threads trapped under fabric without thinking of varicose veins!

Marian said...

Oh wow Jenny! I can't believe how much you've been able to get done while still being alive! I'm honestly very inspired by you to get my WIP and half finished list down next month. No matter how close you come you're really doing amazingly and you're very inspiring. Your work is beautiful!!

Issabella The Cat said...

I've been cheering you on from the sidelines since the start of your challenge but it only just occurred to me that I hadn't actually commented and let you know! Honestly what is the point of cheering if you don't do it loud enough for the person to hear you :D
I think you're doing amazingly well and thank you for sharing your progress with us.

capitolaquilter said...

Even if you come up shy of your goal you've gotten so much done with such a disciplined approach and should be so proud. Think of how much less would have actually gotten done if you hadn't set any goals, right?

Kathy said...

Jenny don't start worrying about the numbers, focus on what you have achieved. Like I tell my boys, I don't expect them to get 100% on all their school work, I expect them to give it their best effort!

Pam said...

you can do this ....and it will feel soooo good...xoxox

and thank you...i cherish our friendship too!!!

Tamie said...

Keep plugging along and remember, you knew from the start that life would not come to a stop. So think of the breaks from quilting as just part of the journey.