Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Big Reveal

Yes! Finally! Our big pattern reveal! We hope you will love our new patterns as much as we do! We're very excited about them! :)

Our new sampler pattern is called, Urbanologie. There are 12 different themed blocks and 3 different layouts to choose from!

Here are a few close ups of some these great blocks.

 Each block can be made into a beautiful quilt on its own!

How about these beautiful butterfly's dressed in stunning Tula Pink!?! Tula's new line is Tabby Road.

And, we certainly don't have a problem getting a little inspiration from around the world! :)

In addition to our sampler pattern, we have 3 more themed quilt patterns.

Mod Owls

These great Modern owls will appeal to everyone!!

Helen's adorable little grandson, helping us show off these mama and baby owls! :)

And these delicious Strawberry and Pineapple quilts are creating quite a stir! 

Mod Strawberries

Now these are great Strawberries!! 

Yummmmm! :)

Mod Pineapples

Juicy and Scrumptious!! Perfect quilt for all of us pineapple lovers! :)

These pineapples have even been to Hawaii!! Too cool!

All of our new patterns will be available on Nov. 3rd. They can be purchased on our website

We will also be in Houston for International Quilt Market and Festival with all of our new patterns! We hope to see many of you there! :)

Booth 627

Happy Quilting!

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~

Jenny Pedigo
Helen Robinson
Sherilyn Mortensen

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Themed Quilts and Life's Big Events!

Our machines have had quite the workouts!!
We're so excited about our new patterns that will be available the first part of November. Yay!!   

Here are a few sneak peeks! 

At the top is our very fun, brand new, 
Mod Strawberries! Yummy!!

 More scrumptious pineapples! 
Anybody hungry yet?? ;)

We had a lot of fun with themed patterns this time around, can you tell? And, there's so many more  to show you! Soon, very soon!

Juicy pears anyone?

We are so excited to show you the rest! We're certain you will love them all!! 

These past few months have been 
been busy, busy, busy!! Getting ready for market and festival in Houston, plus enjoying all of the many big events in our families lives! 

Here's a quick update for anyone interested.

Let's see, big events?? Like...

Sherilyn's daughter, Laura married her sweetheart, Tanner in Provo Utah. 
What an awesome day that was! :)


Helen's daughter, Rae, graduated from 
BYU Hawaii! Awesome! :)


We had an amazing family reunion in central Utah just before our brother, Lowell and his family moved to Florida! 
So many wonderful memories made!


Sweet Baby Walter

Sweet Baby Halle

Helen, and Sherilyn welcomed brand new grandbaby's to the family, just 4 days apart! We are absolutely in love with these sweet babes! :)

And finally, just this week...

Welcome home Seth!!! :)

Goodbye Taylor - Do good son!!! :)

2 days apart, Helen and Jenny, welcomed and bid farewell to their missionary sons! Helen's son, Seth, returned from his mission in Peru!  And Jenny's son, Taylor, left to serve his mission in Samoa! So happy for them both! We love our missionaries! :)

We will be revealing all of our new patterns soon! Stay tuned! 

Happy Quilting!

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~

Monday, September 19, 2016

And the WINNER is.......

Thank you for all your comments and exploring our designs on Pattern Jam!

We are very pleased to be working with Emily Taylor of Pattern Jam.  We love her infectious passion for the quilting industry and the variety of ways people can be involved in this fun industry!

Our winner is Jodi!  

She said....

Blogger Jodi said...
I am very new to quilting (haven't finished one yet) but one of the things i find daunting is doing the "Sandwich", and quilting and binding it. I don't want to mess up a quilt top I have spent months and hundreds of dollars worth of quilting cottons in. My sister recently told me about Pattern Jam and having explored a little I think it would be an amazing way to get a "practice top" to work on without all the hard yards invested in the piecing but still have something worthy of the effort to "sandwich", quilt and bind it.
I am really excited to see such amazing quilt designers who are willing to share their designs in this way.

We are excited for her to try out this easy 'sandwich'.....

~Helen, Jenny, and Sherilyn~

Monday, September 12, 2016

We LOVE Pattern Jam!

We are excited to announce we are partnering with Pattern Jam!  Pattern Jam is the world's easiest quilt design software.  One of its many features allows the user to access pre-loaded patterns and customize the fabrics and color layout..... How COOL is that!  Then the quilt is printed as a panel and sent directly to you :-)

Pattern Jam now has several of our original pattern designs.  Check out the Pattern Jam blog about our collaboration here  and see which of our designs are featured there.  Go to Pattern Jam > Ready-to-quilt-shop > Sew Kind of Wonderful.  You can order them as they are featured on the site, as I did with Urban Candy, or you can color and select fabrics to make your own version as I did with Chic Country.  Either way, it is a fun process!  
Urban Candy

Here are some links to some of the patterns we have on Pattern Jam:

Pattern Jam is great for customized quick quilt panels that are great to custom quilt, overall quilt or even tie.  It is also a great option for the non-sewer who wants to have a part in the creative quilt process without the sewing machine and rotary cutter being involved.

Use discount code: SEWKINDOFWONDERFUL to received 20% off your order at Pattern Jam through September 19.

We are also doing a giveaway with the Chic Country panel I ordered.  To enter, please click on the Pattern Jam link here and check out all the fun you can have!  Then leave a comment on the post about your experience.  For another chance to win go to: sewkindofwonderfulhelen on Instagram and leave a comment and/or tag a friend.
Chic Country

Both comment streams will be combined and one winner will be selected the morning of September 19.  

~ Helen, Jenny & Sherilyn ~