Pattern Revisions

Urban Candy:

There is a revision in the Urban Candy Pattern for squaring up your block.  If you purchased this pattern before 03-01-12 and have not received an e-mail from me about the revisions please e-mail me at so I can send you the revised pattern.  Thanks! 

Urban Chained:

In the pattern it says to cut 4" x 10" rectangles from solid background fabric.  If you cut  4 1/4" x 10" rectangles instead, it will give you a little bit more fabric to work with when squaring up your blocks.  You may not need the extra 1/4", depending on how your blocks are going together.

Urban Birthday:
The pattern instructions have you cut 40 outside curve sets from "solid fabric" even though it says you will have 45 outside curve sets.  You will need 45 sets.  You need to cut 5 more outside curve sets.  You may have extra fabric already but if you don't, then add an extra 1/3 yard to solid fabric requirements.   

Metro Medallion:
For the fabric requirements for background fabric (white), you need 1 1/2 yards not 3 yards.
Page 2:  disregard measurements on graphic of Sample #10

Curve It Up:
Backing Fabric 5 1/2 yards
Layout Option #2 Fabric Requirements: 1 yd green, 1 yd gray
page 9:  Materials - (4) 2" x 6 1/2" neutral fabric (h)
                                (4) 2" x 8" neutral fabric (j)
page 17:  Green Fabric
                                 1.  Cut (3) 9" wof, crosscut at 4"……. 
                                 3.  Cut (4) 3 1/8" x 4 3/8" K


We have found that when sewing the larger curve there tends to be more stretch because of the bias and more curve to sew which can result in a not so square block.  Be sure to sew 1/4 inch seams.  Spray starching your fabric before you cut your curves out can also help stabilize the fabric.  We personally don't spray starch our fabric.  We just make sure to not pull too much on the fabric when sewing the curves.  


Nicci Brazzell said...

Jenny, I have made several of your quilts and am now making 'Urban Candy'- the PDF says to square up the blocks to 6.25" by 9.5 and the pattern mentions that the corners won't meet when connecting the blocks, so after match the curves to create the serpentine pattern what do I do about the half inch over hang on each side? Love this quilt and only squared up two blocks, I want to wait to see what I need to do. Thanks.

Jenny said...
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