Monday, July 9, 2018

4 Ways to Use Your Quilts as Home Decor

If you’re like us (and most other quilters) you have a stack of beautifully hand-crafted quilts neatly folded and sitting on a shelf or in a basket; IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THAT! Let’s get our quilts out and USE THEM! Using your quilts as home decor is the perfect way to utilize those beauties, and to show off a little ;) The following are things to consider when deciding which quilt to put where. 

1. Texture
Texture is incredibly important in interior design, it can take a one-note room and transform it. Texture creates dimension, thoughtfulness and interest for the eye. You can achieve this from lots of different items: baskets, picture frames, a rug, pillows, and of course… QUILTS! Whether as a table runner or hanging over a chair, try putting one of your most texturized quilted quilts in a room that needs dimension! 


2. Make it Cozy
We all have that one room in our house that is the “cozy/relaxed” room. Usually it’s the room with the TV, the well-loved sectional and some clutter here and there. Even though this room is relaxed, it can still look put together and well thought out. A great way to mix coziness with good design is through none other than textiles, aka quilts! Get out your softest quilts and throw them on the back of the couch and encourage people to USE them! The more they are snuggled with the softer they will get. We have always been big fans of cuddling with quilts that we make rather than just looking at them (but don’t get us wrong, we also love a stunning quilt hanging on a wall).

3. Statement Piece
Speaking of stunning quilts on a wall… a quilt is a PERFECT way to make a statement. Every room needs a lead actor and supporting roles. If the room has too many lead actors it can be overwhelming, if the room has too many supporting roles, it can be boring. Take one of your intricate quilts (that you know is just folded up somewhere not getting the love it deserves) and throw that baby on the wall, show it off, be proud of your creations! A fun way to hang a quilt is to “frame” it with other items, such as a side table underneath it and other decor items around it that vary in height and texture.

Here are some fun ways to hang quilts:


4. Color Balance
If you’re one of those home decorators that loves neutrals, we feel you! Who doesn’t love a monochromatic soothing room?! But try throwing one of your most colorful quilts on an antique ladder and leaning it against the wall, it can add interest and bring color balance to your neutral room. If you’re someone that LOVES to decorate with color then add in your neutral quilts, fold them up and put them in a wire basket next to a couch, signaling that they are to be used. You can also bring the whole room together with a quilt that incorporates all of the colors you used in other parts of the room. We always need that balance in life and in decorating!



Robbie said...

I just did a post today on what to do with all my quilts! HA. I do have them hung and laid all over the house!!! I may need a bigger house! HA

tealeafquilts said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I referenced your blog and added a few more ideas to mine. I am so ready to retire from my interior design business and get to quilting. Thanks for sharing!

Danice G said...

So wonderful and creative. All of the quilts just cannot fit onto a quilt rack, so these options work well and look great.