Monday, September 10, 2018

5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Going on a Quilting Cruise!

We had a FANTASTIC time cruising to Alaska with Stitchin Heaven; it was our first quilting cruise. While on the cruise we were thinking of things that we wish we had known going into it. Perhaps this will help you too as you prepare for your at-sea quilting adventures! 

1. If you can, cruise with a friend! Even if they don't quilt, it's fun to be with a friend on shore days. If you don't cruise with a friend - it's a great opportunity to make life-long quilting friends. Unlike taking a class at a conference, you will sew by the same people day after day. Prepare to be social and make friends, it's fun to be with people that also share the same passion (aka obsession).

2. You will need more non-sewing items than you think! 

  • Portable Phone Charger - That phone battery dies fast when it's constantly looking for service and used for picture taking. 
  • Good Walking Shoes - Yes you will be sewing a lot, but when you're not sewing you will be walking. Bring two or three pairs of walking shoes. Your feet will thank you when you switch up your shoes day to day. 
  • Case of Water - We constantly wanted water all week! 
  • Good Camera - A phone camera can only capture so much. Invest in a basic (but quality) point and shoot camera, totally worth it. 
  • SCARVES! Let's face it - our necks get cold! A scarf is just a good travel item in general, regardless of where you're going.
  • Snacks - although all meals are provided, by day three we wanted a basic snack to take on the go. 
3. Prepare to fall in love with other quilting projects that you can take home! Stitchin Heaven setup a "mini store" on the ship where you could purchase basic sewing things. Along with basic sewing items, they also had fun fabric, pre-cuts, fat quarter bundles and other quilt kits! 

4. Bring your own portable sewing light for your work station! Our eyes get tired, help yourself out by brightening up your area of work. 

5. This is YOUR cruise! Stitchin Heaven was fantastic about making sure you knew that this was your getaway. If you need to step away for a moment from sewing, do it! Walk around, give your eyes a break, or check out one of the entertainment shows on the boat. 


Janet O. said...

My daughter has been enamored with the idea of us taking a quilt cruise, and Alaska is the only cruise that tempts me. All of this is good to know. Thanks!

KaHolly said...

Sounds like a lovely time. Know your list will be appreciated by others.