Tuesday, February 20, 2018

6 Tips for Quilting Success!

Here are some best practices for pattern making; it's all about setting yourself up for successful, happy quilting!

Step 1: If there is a free pattern that comes with your tool - make the free pattern first!

  • Make the free pattern that came in the packaging of your ruler (QCR and/or QCR Mini). You can also access these free runner patterns by clicking here (QCR) and here (QCR Mini). 
  • Read the whole pattern from beginning to end
  • Watch the YouTube video Urban Runner or Mini Runner. You can find them here:  
  • Play around with your blocks! Get those creative juices flowing with a unique layout or odd colors that you normally wouldn’t put together. Of course, you can always make the pattern exactly how it is displayed, or you can create something unique to you - do what works for YOUR creativity! 

Step 2: Read the WHOLE pattern from the first word to the last BEFORE you cut your fabric! 

Step 3: If There is a Youtube video for the specific pattern you're making, watch it! Then watch it again :)

  • You can check out our Youtube channel by clicking here

Step 4: Make a practice block! 

Step 5: Do color research and select your fabric! 

Check out our hashtags on Instagram for the specific pattern you’re wanting to make (i.e. #metrorings #chiccountry). There are countless fun versions that others have made and posted, for our viewing pleasure! Inspiration can come from many sources! 

Check out some of these other blog posts below that can help you with color selection! 

 Custom Color Bundles

Step 6: Make your quilt; you can now cut your fabric with confidence! 

Be sure to post your Sew Kind of Wonderful creations to social media and tag them with #sewkindofwonderful

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