Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Whole Lotta Chic Country Love!!

It's safe to say we and many other quilters have fallen in love with one of our newest patterns, Chic Country

We have made several ourselves!

We (Jenny, Helen and Sherilyn) have each made a Chic Country baby quilt for some special babies in our lives.

We perused IG and found so many awesome Chic Country creations!! 

This beauty was created by @rosecityquilter We love how she made the circles spin even more with her awesome quilting!

This awesome quilt was one of the first Chic Country customer quilts.  Created by @iamlunasol

A beautiful pillow created by @shiraz_and_sewing

@jdjordan24 did a fantastic job on 
this gorgeous quilt!

@pamjcole created this beauty! 
The pop of aqua is perfect!

This lovely wall hanging is the creation of @jcmiladesigns

Found this very country feeling Chic Country at The cute kitty was a fun addition to this work of art! :)

A SKW fav...this incredible piece of art! @vojen Her mother created this one!

@elizabethkray is responsible for this one!! Love Love Love it!! 

We loved how @practicaldazzle staged her gorgeous creation! Perfect Winter setting for these cool colors! 

This Chic Country single block is perfect for a lovely wall hanging. 
Nice work @stoffiebe_by_ulli

@nadelgoettin spun this Chic Country into a fantastic modern piece of art!

And this juicy, bright and cheery 
Chic Country by @tervonenleena
Absolutely scrumptious!!

Well done creative customers!! :)

We love seeing all of our customer's quilts on IG and FB.  Remember to #skw or #sewkindofwonderful #qcr and #(name of quilt)
and/or tag us on IG

Happy Quilting! :)

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~


Leeanne said...

I love them all! I have just starting piecing your Metro Hoops........great pattern girls!

Unknown said...

I was very happy about the release of my mini quilt . IG @stoffliebe_by_ulli

Anonymous said...

Is Chic Country one of the more difficult patterns. I have been looking at it for a while but afraid to try it as the pieces look small. GNA

sherilyn mortensen said...

It's actually not difficult at all. The points don't always match up perfectly but it's ok. This is a very forgiving pattern and when it's complete it looks fabulous!! 😃👍🏼

Helen L said...

great looking pattern: and argh!! I just bout 4 of your patterns and it wasn't one of them!! :-) Next on my wish list! Are you going to be at PIQF this year? I hope so! Hugs, H in Healdsburg