Thursday, May 26, 2016

3 Day Weekend Sale and Market update

Yes! This past month has been BUSY!!

But before we recap we want to first mention our up coming SALE this 3 day weekend.  So mark your calendar, the SALE begins this Saturday! 

We began our month with an awesome show and classes at HMQS! Jenny's daughter, Brittany, came to help us and to add some young, gorgeous and vibrant energy!

We had a great time and a lot of success in the classes we taught and met some amazing ladies!

In between HMQS and Quilt Market, we had time to go home for a few days, re-group with our families, then come right back to Salt Lake for Market.  

Jenny brought her AWESOME husband, Jared, to help build our amazing booth! We simply kept referring to him as Muscles! haha! We couldn't have done it without him!! 

We were VERY happy with how the booth came together! It met every one of our expectations!! :)

We also had some very amazing talent visit our booth! Well, looky there... Tula came to visit and watch a demo! Very cool!! :)

We were thrilled to see our Persimmon quilt made up in gorgeous green in the Superior Threads booth! Awesome!

Our 'Persimmon' pattern can be found in our newest book, One Wonderful Curve.

We love spending time together at these shows.  It might even be our favorite thing about it all!

Yes...caught taking selfies!! 

These shows in Salt lake provided us with the perfect opportunity to spend time with family! Catching up with cousins, parents, children and siblings.  The best! :)

Happy Quilting!! 

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~


Karee said...

Perhaps next year I will be in that class!!
I love your QCR (mini & full sized) and your patterns.
Well done, ladies! Well done.

Karee said...

Oh, and the Curve It! Indisensible with my Gammill!
I could go on and on... ha.

Mary said...

I didn't get to see all the Booths I wanted. You were busy each time I passed by. Good to have Family time while at Market. I got to spend my down time with my Sister in SLC. Caught the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Broadcast and an Acoustical Guitar concert in the Assembly Hall. Great rulers!

Unknown said...

Jenny - it was so good to see again at HMQS -- loved your class. Your booth at HMQS was beautiful, however your booth at Market looked gorgeous (wish I could have seen it in person). I love, love, love the Persimmon quilt done up in green - WOW! I can't wait to visit your sale tomorrow. So happy for all of your success and wish you all happy quilting (and designing :D)