Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SKW Twisted Blossom Progress and a Great Tip!

First, we have a great design wall tip for you!

Helen's new design wall is quick and easy to assemble. She used 3/4" foam core board. It comes in 4'x8' sheets and can be found at the hardware store.

It's easy to score with scissors to fit the space intended. She wrapped bonded batting around the edges and secured it on the back with duct tape.  
She used picture hanging strips to secure the board to her wall. 

Awesome! :)

Sherilyn's Twisted Blossom blocks are coming along nicely! She's contemplating adding another element to these.  Hmm...time will tell. :)

Helen's are coming along beautifully as well.  A lot of color and variety in her blocks. Just lovely!

Hope you're all having a lot of success, progress and most importantly - FUN! :D ...on your Twisted Blossom blocks. From what we've observed, they're awesomely gorgeous!! :)

Happy Wednesday! 

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~

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