Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer QAL and Saturday Spotlight

Who's ready for a Summer QAL!?!
We are thrilled about this fun new block! 
  We've incorporated the Metro Twist block into this funky fun blossom. Very cool! :)

We're very excited! Oh the fun possibilities! :)
Stay tuned for more info. about our Summer QAL.

Metro Rings again!! Yay! 
Trisha Ostrander considers herself a beginner quilter, having only made a wall-hanging previous to this Metro Rings masterpiece! 

Her goal was to make her sister-in-law a wedding quilt and was thrilled with how easy it was to make this quilt using our ruler. 
She did an amazing job! Way to go Trisha! :)
She did have it professionally quilted.
It's just beautiful! 
So, for those of you who might consider yourselves beginner quilters, just look at what you could do too! :)

Happy Quilting!

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~


Heather J said...

What a lovely block! I will watch for the details for this QAL. Fabulous quilt.

Leeanne said...

Your designs are always fresh and fun! And the quilting.........beautiful!!

Paige29072 said...

I'm looking forward to participating in the QAL! A fun summer project.

Val's Creative Life said...

I c an't wait for the QAL!!

Rebecca Grace said...

I love that QAL block! Especially the use of monochromatic scraps so that at first it seems to be just two fabrics, but then on closer inspection you see the detail of all those different prints. As for Trish -- CONGRATULATIONS! And let's hear it for that long arm quilter, too! Committing to piecing that first big quilt top can be pretty intimidating to a new quilter, and kudos to Trish for choosing a cool pattern with curves instead of something with just boring squares and rectangles that would be marketed to beginners.