Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Twirling Fans

The quilting is coming along for this super fun quilt.  

I decided to do some other fillers around the Twirling Fans.  There are 12 fan blocks and I would love to do 12 different background fillers...problem is I don't know that many.  I think??

...and in the fun diamond shape created, I've decided to add a fun feather motif.

I wanted to answer a couple of questions for you about this quilt.  

This is another fantastic design by Sharon@ Fabrics & Flowers.  You can find out more information about this "Free" pattern here

Now about prairie points.  Yes, I did stitch the prairie points down.  That is what Sharon wanted and frankly I was happy about that!  Although they are fantastic and give a great 3 dimensional look to the quilt....they are a bugger to work with, that is if they are left alone and not stitched down.   They are beautifully in the way all the time and love to catch the quilting foot as it passes by....and that go's for any sort of 3 dimensional nick nack's that may be on a quilt....buttons, the flappy 1/4" binding, beads...and so on.   

Okay...again I was ecstatic when Sharon said to stitch the prairie points down!!

Back at it!



ElBosquedeSara said...

Woooow this quilted is awesome, I especially like the stones!!

Sharon said...

are you kidding?! I love it. I cannot believe you can do such beautiful work...and so fast!

Miriam said...

Beautiful work from both of you, Sharon and Jenny!!

Leeanne said...

Thank you for the link to the designer. I am off to have a look. Love what you are doing.

Rebecca Grace said...

Ooh, how fun! What do you mean, you don't think you know 12 different filler designs? I'm SURE you do. What about clamshells? What about those cathedral windows or orange peels or whatever they are called? What about those "headbands" or "bouncing bananas" or S-curves that Diane Gaudynski has in her books? Then there are spirals, feather fillers, of course your lovely pearls, paisleys, loopy vines, plain old straight line grids or diagonal grids, straight line "stripes" with those pearls down the middle of every other stripe, echo quilting lines, etc. I'm sure you know way more than 12 filler designs. As for the prairie points, I agree that they would be a nightmare for machine quilting. If someone wants their prairie points loose, then they should hand quilt that one, IMO.

Jacque said...

Just popped over from Sharon's.....oh, I'm drooling. LOL Just beautiful!

Kim S said...

I always enjoy seeing what you do... so inivative!

The Pink Chick said...

Wow...simply amazing work! And I love the prairie points stitched down. Your work is fabulous!

Laura Davies said...

Yes those points are awful to quilt around. Great luck that she wanted them stitched! AS far as fillers, you could do some McTavishing or mix up swirls and pebbles together:) Can't wait to see the finished product

Vicki in MN said...

You nailed it again Jenny! I am sure you can come up with 12 fillers but if you don't check out Leah Days site for a whole bunch of them http://www.leahday.com/projectabc/

LIANE said...

Teu quilt está estonteante! Simplesmente magnífico! Parabéns!

Your quilt is awesome! It's a stunnig work! Congrats!