Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun Interview with Pat Sloan!

Listen to Pat Sloan and I talk today!

4 pm eastern time.

Click here to listen.

~Jenny and Helen~


Kathy said...

How exciting!! I'll definitely be listening.

Sharon S said...

I'm setting my phone right now to remind me! Congrats!

Quiltjane said...

How exciting. I think you are so talented and love all your designs and exquisite quilting. I will definitely listen to the show tonight while I sew.

Diane said...

It was very cool to hear your voice!

Susan Lawson said...

You sounded great!

Anonymous said...

My, the final day has come for the much awaited conversation! And I was really happy that you have finally touched down! I was really smiling while listening to your conversation. I can’t help but be delighted. Anyway, I’m hoping for another one next time. Thanks a lot for the inspiration!

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