Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More family room pictures



I'm really happy with my picture bookshelf.  I painted the picture frames white...added a splash of green...put a couple of my antique collections in groups.  They say if you have a collection to put them together for display.   

 I'm still waiting on a wallpaper I ordered, which is going to go on the back wall behind the shelves.  I'll be sure to post a picture of that.  That will make a big difference!


 Before for my old iron shelf I put my spindles in a group...added some more white and a touch of green. my plan is to stay pretty neutral in my family room with the grays/white/blacks...that way whatever quilt I am showcasing I can accent with color around the room..the same color or color's in my quilt!  That way I'm sort of changing up my decor every so often and won't get tired of it!

My husband hurt is hip playing basketball...he thinks he's still 25!  So my bookshelves and side table are still out in the shop waiting to be painted black.  Once I get those done I'll be able to put everything together.

A little bit at a time...



vivian said...

Looking good!

RobinStar Quilting said...

Your room is really coming together and it looks great! Love the white picture frames and the gray walls.

Melissa P said...

Im not even going to recognize your place when I come pick up my quilt! :) so exciting to do those projects huh?

Dee said...

By the inch, it's a's looking really nice! Love the calmness of it all.