Thursday, March 3, 2011

Profile picture I've been wanting to change my profile picture for some time now, and had a really good hair day the other day, so I attempted to have my 12 year old daughter take some pictures of me!  

Mom I love you, but I took after you when it comes to getting my picture taken! I'm going to do something that is really outside my comfort zone and show you some of my non-photogenic pictures: happy look

i'm really sleepy look

sun in the eyes look...inside?

forced smile look

surprised look

boooring look

are you serious?...look

in the coffin look
 I did end up picking one...still not the best but oh well, it's something different....for now.


1 comment:

Mom said...

We enjoyed your picture montage. We are blaming Grandma Gardner for our lack of photogenics. My favorite is the coffin look!!!