Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Churndash quilt

I finished this quilt up over the summer.  I used wool batting and was a little nervous to wash it.  I had heard you need to wash on gentle and lay to dry....don't know about you but that's way to much to do when you have loads of laundry to do daily.  So I threw it in the wash then the dryer and to my surprise I love how it turned out!  The weight and feel of it reminds me of one of my Grandmas old quilts.  And the Churndash design gives it that old look.  For those of you that have not used wool batting.  It is a dream!  It feels like your quilting through butter.


Andie said...

Love the quilting! You do such a good job, Jenny! Might have to ship my tops to you for quilting from now on! And the top is really lovely - love a simple, old-fashioned quilt. Really good stuff. And wool batting - never knew it was available. Good to know.

Pam said...

Hi Jenny...love the churndash!!