Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Digitized Quilting Designs by Sharon Perry for Sew Kind of Wonderful!


Last January, Jenny and Helen had a chance to meet up with the very famous Sharon Perry and her friend, Susan Smith, in Everett, Washington at Jenny's new quilting studio for a few hours.  Sharon was doing a little world traveling and made a special trip to Washington to meet us in person and take some photos of our quilts with custom quilting that has become our signature style. :-)

Sharon has a great accent that makes everything she says sound even better, more creative and somehow more special ! :-)  I hope we, as Americans, sound like that to other nationalities, but I don't think we do.....hmmmmm.

After two days and many hours of laughter and quilt talk we said our goodbyes and promised to keep in touch with new ideas and designs.  Sharon's quilting designs,  (aka) House of Creations,  comes from her own creativity, from shapes in nature and other objects.  She truly is amazing with her ability to conceptualize a design and convert it to a digitized file!
Sharon's very cool bag she bought made from recycled material.

Following are a few of Sharon's designs for 
Sew Kind of Wonderful patterns:
House of Creations Metro Rings design

House of Creations Chic Shells design

House of Creations Metro Hoops design

House of Creations Deco Tumbler design

House of Creations Metro Medallion design

House of Creations Chic Country design
We have a page on our website that will link you over to 
House of Creations!
~ Sew Kind of Wonderful ~


Katie M. said...

What a great honor! Congratulations on recognition for your unique style.

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

stunning!! Now I REALLY want a longarm!

Rebecca Grace said...

These designs are gorgeous! I was lusting after a longarm machine before, but now I'm drooling on my keyboard. In the meantime, while I'm working on convincing my husband to buy a machine that costs more than a car, do these quilting designs come in a format that embroidery machines can read as well?