Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Tip - Sharpie Markers and Squaring Up Blocks

Once again, a sharpie marker is so very useful and quite satsfying! :)

We recommend keeping a sharpie marker handy to place important square up marks on your QCR, QCRMini and square up rulers.

Place a small dot on your rulers at the square up mark's indicated in each of our patterns. 

We are using the blocks from each ruler's free table runner patterns, as examples.

These Sharpie marks will help you find those square up points easier.  

These Sharpie marks come of easily with a little rubbing alcohol and a tissue. 

Happy Quilting! :)

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~


Unknown said...

I have been using glow line tape. You can still see thru it and then I don't mark up my rulers.

Karee said...

Excellent tip! Thank you.

Now... what were the blue green marks for??

Leeanne said...

Thanks!Love love your designs! I am making Metro Hoops.

sherilyn mortensen said...

Glow line tape is a good idea as well.

The blue green marks were there for some other pattern blocks I had been squaring up.

Irina said...

Thank you !!! Great idea !!!

Unknown said...

Fantastic idea! I just finished squaring up all of my Metro Rings blocks...wish I had seen this post first :D Happy quilting

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Brilliant!!! Thank you for the great tip!

SimplyQuilted said...

That's helpful....I was using the mini QCR for the pumpkins and wondering about this very thing. Love your designs!!

Jeannine said...

Is something wrong with your email? I have been trying for weeks to get ahold of someone. toobusyhands@gmail.com