Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday Tips - Yardage for Quilt Backs

Just how much fabric do I need for my quilt back?
A question we have all asked.  Here are 
some quick guides that will help.
It's always good to measure twice before purchasing fabric.  These measurements are a good place to begin.

Happy Quilting! :)

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-


Irelle said...

There is a great APP for your smartphone from Robert Kaufman that calculates everything from binding to borders to backing and backing. Check it out!

Debbie said...

Maybe you could post yardage for the binding for the same sizes you posted for backing. That would be great!! Thank you.

Pam said...

Thank you for the nice reference!

Laugh Yourself into Stitches said...

Thank you Jenny! I've pinned each one onto my Pinterest board. Have a Happy Day! ~karen

Michele said...

This is great. Thank you. Being a accountant for the work life, the quilt math doesn't intimidate me like it does others but this will be fantastic for double checking my work. Always better safe than sorry. :)