Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Tips - Urban Nine Patch!

Here are a few tips for The Urban Nine Patch pattern, a customer favorite! 
Let's begin with the center nine patch. Sew first 
2 convex pieces on - opposite sides. Press seams open.
Sew the next 2 convex pieces on the 
remaining sides
Press seams open and square up to 8" square. 
Place block under square up ruler. Center the center block under 4" intersection
and the diagonal ruler line should line up pretty close to the corners

Be sure the entire block sits under 8" ruler marks
(this one's close... but close enough! ;)
Notice the 9 patch corners do not extend all the way to the block corners. The 9 patch block should appear to "float"
Another tip that might be helpful - Press open these rectangle block seams rather then press seams to side. That narrow center strip seems to relax better with pressed open seams. 
And, here's a reminder about lining up the QCR 1/8" mark on the curved seems when squaring up the rectangle blocks.

And most important tip of all...HAVE FUN!! Because quilting is FUN!!! :-)

We Hope everyone's Curve It Up quilts are coming right along. We're anxious to share our progress! Remember to post pics to our Flickr group and #ciuchallenge to Instagram and Facbook

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

Haha! We do love square blocks and square quilts!


Auntie Pami said...

How funny is that cartoon... My mom tells me that and I cringe

deelish10 said...

I never thought of combining the basics and my rulers! wow! thanks