Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Medallion QAL

It's Tuesday...yikes!  Just checking in with all of you participating in the Medallion QAL.  You should be getting close to the end with your medallion blocks. 

There are so many all ready finished with their tops.  Diane's turned out so awesome!

....and to see more finished tops, go to the
Medallion Flickr page!
Love them all and good job!!
I hope to finish my top this week....and to show some options on how to quilt up the Medallions.  
Happy Sewing!


Laura said...

I always love your colour choices. This is so effective. :)

MD White said...

My sewing machine died. Will start working my Medallion top again next week. Can't wait to finish it up and post a pic for you!

Unknown said...

I only have a few left, and yes they are all beautiful!
Can't wait for quilting ideas :)

Diane said...

cool seeing my quilt on your blog! look forward to seeing some quilting ideas now to double check if I have backing for this, having a brain freeze! :)

Robin said...

Oh, you and your gorgeous medallions! I swore I wasn't buying any more rulers. Now I have to wash my lying mouth out with soap! Oooooo, I am so excited to get my ruler now. I have the perfect fat quarter bundle for this.

Michelle Walker said...

Wow I completely love that - so beautiful - such a lovely project