Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quick Curve Ruler Winner

It was so much fun to see Helen's followers go from 6 to 91!  The best part was she didn't know I was going to do that.  ;o) out of 93 entries, the random generator chose number 88

Congratulations Ramona!!
Ramona said...I just love the block Helen created. It's just beautiful. I am now following her blog. Thanks for introducing us.

Today I'm heading down to Vancouver to a couple of quilt parties, hosted by Craft Warehouse to talk a little bit about my ruler and business and show all my quilts.  I get to hang out with my sister-n-law and am looking forward to it!  I'll make sure to take pictures.
  ......and one of these days, between vacations and family coming to town I'll finish my challenge.  I have 5 quilts waiting for me!



Katie M. said...

Congratulations to Ramona!

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Congrats to Ramona! Visited Helen's her quilt and now I'm a new follower!

Bri said...

Lucky Ramona!

Mama Pea said...

Yay, Ramona! And I hope your sis does a pattern for us for that quilt she did. It was awesome. I told her to sign me up for one when she does!