Thursday, May 31, 2012

Challenge Day 2 day two was suppose to start early, knowing I had to complete 2 quilts by 3pm, along with all the mom stuff, I can sort of figure out how long it takes for me to meet deadlines....but we all slept in until 7:00!!  Oh...shoot!!  That's what I was thinking when I woke up!  

 Started on Karen's quilt and ended up doing an overall swirl, to match the print in the pink flannel.  I had a few hiccups on this quilt, this is common for t-shirt quilts (so many odd layers for the needle to go through).

 I love my machine and it can go through just about anything...sometimes one of the t-shirt blocks will have a tighter weave or the graphics won't allow the stitches to work.  Here is an example of what can happen.  I quilt pretty fast...but I have to slow the machine way down, when coming across these blocks.

So...unexpected delays on this quilt and I keep watching the clock!!

I did finish and got the binding prepared and on the quilt and stitched on.

 Loaded the 2nd quilt, this is Karen's daughter's and I wanted to do some fun quilting on it, this one went much faster with no hiccups!

Finished quilting it up at about 2:00.  Still have not put the binding on and knowing I would be cutting it close today I had tried to get a hold of Karen and sadly couldn't.  Yes, she showed up at 2:50 and the quilt was not done.  She was so nice and understanding and came back 30 minutes later.

That's what happens sometimes and this is me being real ;o)

Karen was very happy with them both!

I also wanted to let you know I did do a tutorial on how to add binding to a quilt, while on the longarm machine a while ago and you can view that tutorial here.  Hope that helps for those of you wondering how I do it.  I do it for ALL of my own quilts and anytime I do binding's for customers.  I LOVE IT!!

...and this is what is waiting for me to finish in the morning.  I can't wait to take these hexi quilts to Annette!  I've had them both since last fall and am so anxious to take them over to her!

I did miscalculate how many quilts I have to do for this challenge.  I started with 30 and have finished 2 so far.

So I will end each post with:

2 of 30 finished

It was another good day!



Dawn said...

Wow! You have had two amazingly productive days, Jenny! It's going to be so fun checking in to see what you accomplish each day. We are counting and cheering you on!

Pam said...

looking good jenny!!! especially love the second quilt with the wave and the feather xoxoxoxo

The Invisible Woman said...

Looking great! I'm learning so much, especially about how to be MORE productive.

: )

Kathy Schwartz said...

Oh I really like the waves and feathers!! Straight into my Quilting Inspiration file!! I think it is going to be overflowing with quilty goodness this month as you share your challenge with us.

marcella said...

Love the design on the second quilt - so fun!

Esther said...

Good for you! Both these quilts are so fun! I did my first longarm binding a few quilts ago, and it was your tutorial that helped the most!

Helen said...

I love the wavy lines and easy feather! Keep going on your can do it!

Marian-Lady Face said...

I love watching this challenge! Makes me feel like I can tackle my WIP list too. I love seeing all the quilts you do too. Great inspiration, thank you!!