Monday, May 16, 2011

Quilt Market Pictures here are some pictures from this weekend at Quilt Market!!

I saw lot's of great new fabric coming out soon..but this was my ultimate favorite!!!  "Gallery Fiori" by karen Tusinsky

This is "Downtown"!  How cool is that!

I just had to show my "Ribbon Candy" quilt to Anna Maria Horner!  How cool is that and she loved it.  Her new fabric line coming soon is "Loulouthi".  Probably one of my favorite moments at Market...along with meeting Amy Butler!

Amy was so nice and sincere.  She definitely inspired me the most over the weekend!  Amy on the left along with me, Pam and my sister Helen standing in front of Amy Butler's new fabric line "Rowan Organic Soul". 

I would say this booth was one of my favorites!  This is Brigitte Heitland with her new fabric "Zen Chic" and patterns.  Her booth was very inspiring along with these:  

Sandy Henderson's "Secret Garden"

How sweet is this booth!

...hello green and gray!

...and here is Pam!


Helen, Mom, Pam and I had to squeeze in some Cafe Rio!  Yum!!


$200 worth of thread!

Definitely wasn't prepared for all the HANDOUTS!

This was definitely an eye opening for me.  I realized I'm pretty small when it comes to trying to get my patterns and ruler out there.  ...but I didn't see anything like what I'm doing and that was really encouraging.  I don't know if I will ever go to Quilt Market to show my quilts and seemed pretty hard for some to do that and easier for others.  I could be there someday though?  
I've decided to have someone help me write up my patterns...someone with experience in graphic design.  So overall it was very informative and REAL for me to do this and I'm glad I went!



Kathy Schwartz said...

Thanks for the peek into the Quilt Market, it looks a sea of inspiration.
Glad it was a successful trip and your received some good advise from the experts.
And you got to visit with your Mom too!

Andie Johnson said...

So glad you had a good time! Sometimes it takes immersing yourself in something to get a feel for where you want to focus your energy and talent. I'm thinking about going to fall market in Houston for the same reason.

Sharon S said...

Sounds like you got great inspiration. Love seeing Quilt Market through someone's eyes!

Melissa P said...

Im glad you had fun and were able to go experience it and get so much inspiration!

Pam said...

Hey...I can see you too in that post!!! well small parts of us anyway......

Katie Lady said...

I'm glad you had fun! That's so cool that you met Amy Butler! I love all the pictures!

Helen said...

FUN, ENLIGHTENING, OVERWHELMING, SISTER TIME. Thanks for a great time this weekend. We will do it again - someday - maybe Houston next time.

smazoochie said...

Thanks for sharing!
I am so EAGER to see your ruler--I hoped you were at Market to launch it!