Friday, October 22, 2010

Donation Quilt

Well I messed up.  I remembered today that I committed to Donate a quilt for the Scout Auction tomorrow.  Well I knew I could never get one done and quilted by 5:30 today, so I pulled this one out of my "quilts I have finished and never did anything with them" pile.   
 I pieced and quilted this quilt a while back and put it in my old chest.  And there it sat all alone needing a home that will use it and snuggle under it!  Thank goodness for those quilts you never know what to do with.  This one sure came in handy today!  Whoo...


Melissa P said...

Looks like a fun quilt! There is going to be a lucky winner out there tonight!

Dolly said...

Wow, how gorgeous is that !
I wish we could see the whole thing....any earlier posts on it?