Saturday, April 8, 2017

How to Sew Curves!

Are you hesitant to sew curves?  Do they seem a little like green eggs and ham?  You’re just not quite ready to try them…. But then you do!  And you like them Sam I Am!!!

Well its time to give it a try!

Watch this video to see an easy step-by-step method to sewing curves.  Give it a try! You can also view this video on Youtube by clicking HERE

Eight steps to an easy curved sewing technique Sew Kind of Wonderful uses for sewing curves in our patterns!  

1.  Cut the curves….

2.  Position the curves with concave on the bottom and convex on top…

3.  Sew a couple anchor stitches…

4.  Manage the fabric one piece in each hand. (Switch hands and use the most comfortable.)

5.  Bring the two curved edges together as they feed under the pressure foot…

6.  Take care not to stretch the bottom or top piece. (move the bottom piece from the far edge instead of pulling on the bias cut….)

7.  Press

8.  Square-up

Practice by making the free runner pattern which comes with either the Quick Curve Ruler or the QCR Mini Ruler.

It only takes 4-8 curves to get comfortable sewing them.  Chain piece projects so you get some curved muscle memory going!

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