Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Tips - Pre-wound Bobbins

We LOVE our pre-wound bobbins! The brand we use is FIL-TEC. Jenny used FIL-TEC's classic prewound bobbins for the back of Chic Kisses. You can see how beautiful this bobbin thread quilts up! Please note, there is a difference between FIL-TEC's Classic and FIL-TEC's Magniglide bobbins. The classic bobbins are a finer thread.

These bobbins are such a time savor! They come in multiple colors and are great for long-arm use and domestic sewing machines. They come in Large and Medium sizes.
Jenny gives a little more detail about these amazing bobbins - here.

Happy Quilting! :)

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Oh I know just what you mean!!! Ai love manga glad bobbins...The Delights are lovely too...have a slight sheen

Leeanne said...

I have never tried them. What machine do you use?

Soapstone Quilts said...

Love 'em, and love that Fil Tec thread is made in the USA!