Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kisses - MuWah!! And QAL!

Jenny's Chic Kisses are coming together quite nicely! We are anticipating each block and looking forward to seeing them all put together! 

We currently have several "works in progress" but definitely want to focus on our Curve It Up Challenge QAL!

For all the details about this challenge, click here.
We're so excited about the blocks we have already seen posted over on our CIU Challenge Flickr group. Keep them coming! :-) Also, if posting your pictures to IG or FB use #ciuchallenge

If some of you aren't quite sure how to get started with this challenge, here are a few tips/suggestions from Helen. She made a copy of her pattern picture, cut up the blocks then rearranged them. This gave her a place to start. 

She then suggests finding a favorite photo, fashion outfit, fabric, etc... This time Helen was inspired by this beautiful fabric, Field Study!

Rather then actually use this fabric (which would have been awesome as well!) she chose to use solids inspired by this colorway.  


She didn't end up using all this fabric and rearranged the blocks a little differently in the end - but it gave her plenty of ideas to work with! And as we can all see...SUCCESS!!

One idea leads to another idea and pretty soon the possibilities are endless!! 
Good luck and Happy Quilting!! :-)

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

*Note. There are a couple of revisions made to the Curve It Up pattern. Click the Pattern Revisions tab at the top of our blog. 


Cascade Quilts said...

could the blocks on the pickledish be just a TAD smaller so the points on the center section were 'pointier'? (The cornerstones tighter together?) I am so excited about the possibilities on this pattern! :) Can't wait until you put this one out!

Carli The Quilter said...

Oh my this quilt is stunning, but this turn around for participation is a wee too sharp, I'll have to follow your progress and cheer!