Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Tips! - Metro Hoops

Today's Tuesday Tips - Detailed picture tutorial -squaring up Metro Hoops!

Place an 8" or larger square up ruler over block. 

Next - lining up specific points on ruler to specific points on block. 

Using a sharpie marker, make a dot on the 3" and 5" marks on ruler and on the 6",6" and the 2",2" intersection on diagonal line on square up ruler.
(Notice the circled sharpie marker dots)

 As close as possible, line up the 5" dots on the triangle seam and the 6",6" (diagonal) intersection dot on the curved seam.

And line up 3" marks on triangle seam and 2",2" (diagonal) intersection dot on curved seam. 

Holding ruler firmly, trim right and top edges.

Lift square up ruler, turn block 180* and line up trimmed edges with 8" lines on ruler, trim remaining edges.

 The important part about squaring up these blocks is that the triangles are the same size so the points match up and there is approximately the same distance from the point to the curve. 

We hope these tips will help. :)

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-


quilting/fitness said...

Fantastic thanks

Sharon said...

I'm working on this pattern right now. Love it! Thank you for the tips!