Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday!!

WIP Wednesday is here!
We have a few Works In Progress to share. 
First is a reworking of a favorite, Chic and Checkered, with some fun new fabric. Helen is hard at work on this one! We are anxious to see this  completed! :) Go Helen go! 
As many of you know, All three of us have been working on and tweeking a very fun, traditional pattern. Jenny caught this "bug" a few weeks ago and now we are all infected! haha! We are all sooo excited for this one! Every chance we get, we're slipping (sometimes sneaking) into our sewing rooms and whipping out another block.  SO FUN!! :D Pattern in the works!
Our Quilt Market demo block quilt is about completed.  Helen did a beautiful job quilting it! Just a little binding around those edges is all it needs. Sherilyn, get busy! ;)
Play time with the QCR once again and a new contemporary twist on another favorite is born! Shells! We think they're rather Chic!! :) 

For the past few days Jenny has of course been busy sewing... but not quilts, so sad! ;) Pioneer attire instead! She did great but says she definitely enjoys the quilt type sewing best! Of course! She and Jared are a "Ma and Pa" for a pioneer trek with the youth from their church. They began trekking today. Have fun Jenny! :)

Happy Quilting Everyone!
-Sew Kind of Wonderful-
and remember...
"Don't worry about today. Do a little quilting and everything will be okay!"


Cascade Quilts said...

Oh I wish I was going to portland quilt market! I will be at our family cabin in BC though. I have 2 quilts that will be on display in Modas booth! Eeee! I looove the clamshell qcr pattern! Can't wait for the pattern for that! I am almost ready to start a metro rings quilt with "April Showers", as soon as I finish my scrappy swoon top. Soon!

CapitolaQuilter said...

Loving the new patterns in the works and the little saying at the end of the post - so true!

quilting/fitness said...

any video of squaring up metro hoops and rings yet

Jenny said...

Robert, we are actually working on that today. Hopefully it will be on there today or tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Love it all! You guys are the best!

Jenny said...

Robert, we're still working on those videos. Technical difficulties...working out the bugs and will have it here shortly. Sorry. Please hang tight.