Monday, September 10, 2012

New Fabric and Design Inspiration

While blogging the other day I was drawn to Dayna @ Precut Paradise's blog.  She was showing a yummy stack of fabrics by Amy Butler, called "Cameo".  I soon found myself at her new online shop, Precut Paradise, ordering some of this amazing fabric!

I've said in the past that design inspiration can come from the fabric and that's exactly what happened.

Yesterday, I had a little bit of time to play with a new design and came up with this.

...of course I was not going to cut into these gorgeous "Cameo" squares, yet.

...but really love what I'm going to make with them, in fact I had to go order another stack of "Cameo" in order to make a bigger quilt.

I'm really impressed with Dayna's new shop and found it extremely easy to use!  Obviously!! 

I can't wait to work on my new design and with my new fabric, but first,  I need to finish my 31 Day Challenge with only 5 quilts left!  Yeah!!



Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with those beautiful squares.

Teresa Silva said...

I'm loving your new design!

Izzonet Software for Store said...

Precut Paradise is a name for an online shop that can truly describe the products they’re selling... I just visited the store and I was stunned! I just love fabric with such prints! Lovely!