Friday, March 16, 2012

Urban Nine Patch QAL ~ Week #6 ~ Border

How are the Urban Niner's coming along?

Got my 2 done for the week! 

Print "Urban Deco" block:

I like how this turned out, I thought after, maybe I should have framed it with a fabric that had some blue or yellow.

Here is my solid one:

Blue and Pumpkin Orange.

And last Saturday I ventured to the Seattle Modern Quilt Group to a Sew-In and managed to get some piecing done for these:

I'm going to end up doing 25 of these babies.  While at the Guild I met some great ladies and sat by Sunni, who is also new to the Guild.  She and I chatted and got to know each other.  I met Sunni and her daughter at Sew Expo, here is a picture of us:

I love Sunni's coat!  If you don't all ready know Sunni, she's the one that has a "Love Affair With Her Brother"...her Brother Machine that is! 

I look forward to the next Sew-In so I can work on my blocks some more and of course chat it up some more!
There have been some Urban Nine Patch Over Achievers that have all ready done up all their blocks and have assembled their quilt!!   And if you haven't all ready quilted them than here is a border option for you...or not.  It all comes down to preference, for sure!

So, basically all you would need to do is piece more of your outside curve blocks..assemble them in a row and add as your borders. 

The only difference is I used a gray for the inside and outside of the middle curve.  You could play around with those outside curve blocks and really have fun with your borders! Or... you could not add a border and it would look great too!  Again all a personal preference.

   Be sure to check out the Urban Nine Patch Flikr Group!  It's so exciting to see how they are all coming along!

...and again if you don't have a Flikr Account, you can e-mail me a pic of your progress and I can add it to the group for you.


Mama Pea said...

I just love your print Urban Deco blocks. Really love them. Your fabrics are part of what makes them so great. What is that fabric like? I really love this quilt with the borders on! Can't wait to start this weekend!

Unknown said...

I am really looking forward to seeing all these blocks together - I bet you have lots of comments at the MQG sew in
Looking forward to seeing the growing project/s

Anonymous said...

You're blocks are just stunning Jenny. When I play with the ruler next week...I'm going to brave the Urban 9 patch. And oh, love Sunni...she's so sweet and one of my dearest bloggy friends!