Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Urban Nine Patch Quilt Along (fabric)

There's definitely one thing I've learned through my longarm quilting business when it comes to quilters taste in fabric and that is that every quilter out there has a taste of their own!!  

As quilters, we each have our own likes in fabric when it comes to the print.....the color......the texture.....and some times we venture out of our little box to try something new! weather your trying something new or just playing it safe, it all comes down to the part we all love and that's picking out the fabric for a new project.

I'll be doing up two quilts with ya'll, one with solids, since I'm in love with solids right now and one with prints.  I'm excited to do both!

These are the fabrics I'm using for my print quilt, along with a solid gray and a solid red.

I'm going to stay consistent with the red and gray solid and the gray print center square for all my blocks.  And to make it easy, I'm also going to use the same print for my outside curve and part of my nine patch as shown above.

I've separated my print fabrics into 3 different groups.  My first group is my focus fabric, the larger print fabric.  My second group is the smaller-coordinating fabric, fabric that will coordinate with my focus fabric.  My third group can be either a focus fabric or a coordinating print.

These two fabrics will make up one of my nine patch blocks along with my gray print center.

I've paired up some more maybe's...Oh and ya that's sun coming though the window!!  Always a fun surprise here in the North West!

So when picking out your print fabrics, maybe keep in mind what your focus fabrics are and your coordinating fabrics are.  

Also, what feel do you want your quilt to have.  My quilt will end up having a warm feel, with the reds, oranges, browns, and yellows.  I may end up taking the greens out (not sure yet).   

I also like to separate any busyness going on by adding solids...hence my solid gray and solid red.  A small print would work too or maybe a batik.

Think about contrast too as your putting your fabrics together.  Contrast in color....contrast in prints,  but most of all HAVE FUN!!

Now for my solids:

I really love blue these days and want to use blue through out the quilt.  I may use it in every block, not sure yet.  These are the 3 blues I will use through out.

And these are the solids I'll be putting with my blues along with Charcoal gray for the background.

I might end up using the outside curve blue consistently through out all my blocks, still not sure though.

Basically for my solids I just made sure they all looked good with my blues.  And so when I do up my nine patches they'll all go together, that's my plan anyway!

Again...this is all such an individual thing and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Tomorrow...I want to talk about curves and take the FEAR OUT OF IT, most of all!!  

Happy fabric picking and deciding and contemplating!!!



Shanna said...

I am very excited about this QAL!! I just got my curves ruler in the mail today and I'm super excited to use it :o) Time to go pick fabric!

CapitolaQuilter said...

thanks for doing two versions during the QAL. I'm thinking of using fabric from stash but won't be able to get more if I run out, any idea the yardage for the grey shown in mock up version #4 ?

Sharon S said...

I think I'm heading up to OTR Saturday morning for some fillers. they are open the 1st Saturday of the month now. Can't wait to get started.

Unknown said...

Oh now do I take part in this or try my own thing? Whatever I end up doing for the most part it will be with stash fabrics and some new purchase solids

LeslieUnfinished said...

I'm a print girl by nature. As in, you can never have too many….but, I'd pretty much decided on stepping outside my box and going for all solids for this QAL. But now that I'm looking at your block with the prints mixed in again, I'm thinking, hmmm…a little print would be nice. How will I ever decide?

Andie Johnson said...

I might just have some time for a project that doesn't include a dealine! Love this block, Jenny. Love how it's totally modern but with a really traditional flavor to it. Nice.

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

-I love this block, I would like to sew a quilt with this pattern, that for sure!
I´m your newest follower, so I´ll be back ☺