Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fat Quarterly Designer Challenge

There's a Design Challenge going on over at Fat Quarterly today and the Challenge is to design a quilt using a curve, using the Quick Curve Ruler! ruler!!

Go over and check out the details!!  

...and I finished piecing this top last night:

Definitely my favorite so far!  It always seems the quilt I'm currently working on is my favorite. This quilt is going to be part of my next series of quilts and I love this design so much I'm doing up a second quilt with these yummy oranges:

I've been collecting oranges for a while now...and seeing how orange is the trendy color this year...well I've got two quilts in the making using oranges.

Don't forget to check out the Designer Challenge over at Fat Quarterly today and if your interested in viewing my free pattern that comes with the purchase of the ruler, please e-mail me, letting me know.



Johanna said...

I already entered myself. Great chance to try out your ruler and maybe make one of your designs for myself!

Kathy Schwartz said...

I have quite a few ideas for designing a quilt using your ruler :) What is the timeline on the Challenge?

Judiquilts said...

Looking forward to seeing your newest quilt. I'm off to the barn today to give my ruler a go!

KristaKay said...

This is a fantastic idea! I would love to figure out how to come up with my own quilts with your ruler, but I'm having too much fun with your existing patterns. :)
I cannot wait to see what these genius quilters come up with!

Unknown said...

I can just see your curve lurking in amongst those square blocks, looking forward to seeing it quilted. And really looking forward to seeing the orange version. Can't see what colour your combining this with though

Andie Johnson said...

Jenny!!! So proud of you! This is so huge.