Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday Inspiration

I found some great and inspiring quilts this week!  Check out the quilting on these quilts!  I love how quilting gives a quilt texture and interest!  

A new home decor trend right now is WALLPAPER
I found some very fun ones!  I especially like the curved inspired ones!  I see some future quilts!!!

Thanks for the inspirations!!



Debbie said...

Wow - I'm happy you were inspired by my quilt (#3 in your mosaic).

Sarah Chin///Bluprint Textiles said...

What awesome selections! My mom just sent me your blog site and I started browsing through when I saw my Man Quilt in your Friday inspiration! Thanks so much for including me! I am loving your blog!

Lesly said...

Glad you liked my spiderweb quilt!