Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Inspiration - Red and Gray I wanted to find some inspiring red and gray quilts.....and although I did find some it was a little tough.  Not many out there?

...and these were hard to find too!
Check out the curvalicious art on the wall in the Kitchen....remind you of something! the works
red and gray quilt!

Have a great weekend!



Shannon said...

I can't wait to see your red and gray quilt! I want to do something with coral and gray...just another thing on the ever-growing list!

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Oooh look there's my son Tom's quilt on your blog - why do I get such a kick out of accidentally coming across something I made on someone else's blog LOL?!

Pam said...

love your inspirations jenny!!! put the rocking chair q in my how simple yet stunning that one is!! see u soon! xo

Krista Schneider said...

ooh, i love that last picture, looks like those will turn into a beautiful design...

question, how do you make your photo collages like that? i'm just curious, i see a lot of people doing it and the only way i've figured out so far involves paint and a lot of time cropping, copying, pasting, resizing... do you have a better way?