Friday, February 18, 2011

Kaitlyn's quilt

Brooke and I had fun doing this quilt up yesterday!  

I asked Brooke what she thought about using orange for the binding...she gave me a funny look, but she was easy to convince.  I got the idea from a quilt that Red Pepper Quilts did up

I used flannel for the back and wool batting.  I used ice blue thread and I wanted it to be really soft!
I put the binding on while it was still on my longarm.  I did up my binding at 2 and 1/2 inches forgetting that you need to allow another 1/4 inch when putting flannel on the back...whoops.  So instead of stitching in the ditch and catching the back, I stitched right on top of the binding and lined my foot up to the edge of the quilt.  And that way I was able to catch the back of the binding with no problem at all.  

Brooke and I are going to take it to her today!  Brooke is really excited!

One more friend Pam is auctioning off a Zigzag quilt she did up for MS.  It turned out really nice, you can check it out here.



Helen said...

I love the orange binding! I still think Brook is cuter than the adorable quilt though. Have fun giving it to her friend.

Melissa P said...

I love Brooke's quilt!!!!

MariQuilts said...

Looks great...quick do you put binding on when it's still on the long arm? I'm curious.

Alisa said...

I live like the quilting! I have a zig zag quilt top that's waiting for some inspiration for the quilting and I may have found it. :-)

Suzan said...

bet you guys had a great time making that quilt, nice to share special time with the kids