Friday, January 7, 2011


 So...why? Why do I get tired of my paint color with in just a couple of years and want to change it so bad!  And along with changing paint means changing the curtains and the decorating pillows, etc...  I admit that this is a problem.  I obsess about it, till I do it.  And it doesn't help that I work at a home improvement store!  I have come to realize that the colors and decorating style in my house reflect my quilts.  And since my style of quilting is changing drastically my house no longer matches my quilts and that bugs me!!   No..I won't do it tomorrow, but soon!  Haven't told the hubby yet!  Yikes!!!  Anyway,  I found these beautiful Curtains at IKEA.  They always have the best deal on curtains.  They come extra long so you can cut to size and they now have a iron on seam tape. Cool huh!  And check out these cute napkins!  If only they were fabric! 

...also picked up these beautiful gray silk fabrics at Pacific Fabric.  And even better it was on sale!

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Sharon S said...

Jenny I can see you using the napkins as "fabric" in a modern quilt! Go for it!