Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Pillowcases

..well I'm finally on my last quilt for customer Christmas quilts, but last night I had to stop quilting for a couple of hours and pull out this fabric I got, to make my kids some pillowcases for Christmas Eve.  My girls have been bugging me for quite some time to make these.  So I secretly made these right in front of them...oh they can be so clueless sometimes!  I'm glad I got them done.  I still have a few hours left on the double wedding ring quilt.  And I'll let you know how the binding go's for that.  I plan on putting it on while it is on my machine.  Then machine stitching it. to go work on it!!


Pam said...

love the pillow cases Jenny... recognize the hedgehogs....good to hear you are on the home stretch baby!

Charlotte said...

i made a bunch of pillowcases for christmas too! your's are way cuter! ok, hannah just said mine were cuter...sorry! (of course, she has to say that, i made her one!) i hope you had a good christmas!

Melissa P said...

Love those pillow cases! do you make them new ones each Christmas? What a great idea!