Monday, August 5, 2013

Medallion QAL!

It's Monday!  Just checking in with all of you participating in the Medallion QAL.  You should be at least 1/2 way done with your blocks by now.  In the next couple of weeks I want to challenge you to do 3 blocks a week.  That way you will have more time at the end of the month to piece all your blocks together for show-n-tell!  

Here are my two blocks for this week:

...and here are 12 so far, 4 more to go:

It's been fun using a variety of prints for these blocks and I'm really liking how the diamonds are coming together too!

It's never to late to join the Medallion QAL.  You can find the tutorial here.  All you need is the Quick Curve Ruler and some fun fabric to create 16 Medallions or more!

Check out the Medallion Flickr page to see the other Medallions out there.  I love how everyone's are coming together, all taking on their own fun characteristic!

Have fun sewing! We hope everyone is having a great summer!

~Jenny and Helen~


Kris said...

I am still undecided about the diamond bits. I love them in your layout and I think I would like them in mine. However, I am very curious if you will do some of that fantastic quilting in the negative space like you have on some of your other works. I am anxious over the quilting and thought maybe you would post some of your ideas (though it is early yet)?

Auntie Pami said...

Very nice. I really like the colors and I agree, the diamonds really are a striking addition.

Diane said...

I've got my blocks done and almost done adding the diamonds-I'm doing all mine from one fabric.
This is a fun block-of course every one I see in a different fabric/colorway, I think "oh man I wish I'd have done that!!" love the variety.

Pip said...

I LOVE this quilt!WOW that block is amazing with the curve cutter! The colours are SO fresh. I 'have' to try it 'one' day!